26. November 2023
Maspalomas, ESP

Some say "MASPALOMAS NIGHT", referring to the opening show of the BLUME Festival, which kicked off the seventh decade of the festival on Sunday evening in memory of Joaquin BLUME, the four-time Spanish European champion of the 1950s. There is hardly a comparable event in the world with such a tradition, which harmonises the various gymnastics disciplines with the needs of everyday life, the requirements of health and fitness and the wishes of tourists.
In short: this festival on the "island of eternal spring" Gran Canaria sends out a hopeful signal, especially in times of political and social problems, that peaceful and friendly coalescence is no longer just a theory - and this message was impressively demonstrated in an emotional and visible way at the opening gala of a whole week of festivities that followed ...:

25. November 2023
Las Palmas / ESP

Canarian chief organiser Jesus TELO RODRIGUEZ was pleased to see that after the "dip" of the pandemic times, things are now hopefully looking up again, including with the acceptance of the international competitions for the international "BLUME-CUPS":
In addition to a TEAM-GYM event, took place the IX. International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament for the BLUME-CUP.
In addition to the traditional guests from Germany, represented by SKC Tabea Halle, there was also a strong Italian group from Milan, as well as guests from the Ukraine and Denmark, and in the team gym the gymnasts from the British Scarborough's Gymnastics Club, all of whom met up with the youngsters from the various age groups from the Canary Islands, most of whom were experiencing their first international competition ...:

24. November 2023
Las Palmas, ESP

Chief organiser Jesus Telo Rodriguez presented this year's programme of the 61st BLUME FESTIVAL Gran Canaria 2023 at a press conference in Las Palmas on Thursday ( November 23), which not only includes numerous shows on stages and in sports halls throughout the island of Gran Canaria, but interesting international competitions and comparisons have also been added to this popular sporting event ... :

15. November 2023
Las Palmas, ESP

Only 5 more weeks, then the movement-hungry guests from many countries in Europe and the world will once again immerse themselves in the flair of the special experience week of the "BLUME-FESTIVAL Gran Canaria", which from November 24 to 30 on the island of eternal spring has now become an epitome of the purest joy of life for over six decades. Especially in these turbulent and sometimes frightening times, this "Festival of Hearts" represents the enormous human potential that finds creative expression in the minds and hearts of the overwhelming majority of people through the diversity of gymnastics disciplines across all age categories.