27. November 2010  
Las Palmas, Gran Canaria  
Happy Gymnastics

50th BLUME jubilee finishes with big success

With an atmospheric final event in Las Palmas in which once again more than 360 participants were involved by 15 Canary groups and schools the 50th jubilee festival of the hearts "Blume Gran Canaria" came to an end.
Although two months before already a "Golden Age Gym festival" of the European gymnastic association UEG in Portugal preceded, the BLUME experienced Organizing Comitee enjoyed a large number of participants.
It was a dignified jubilee of this 50 year-old tradition.
More than 5,500 participants were involved in one week of festival activities. Other 900 participants of all Canary islands as well as the mainland Spain joined to approx. 3,000 canary active, who came from 14 of 21 gymnastic districts of Gran Canarias. In addition and right in the middle still came more than 800 foreign participants from Europe as well as Asia and Australia, from a total of 13 different countries!

* Reporting from Gran Canaria Eckhard Herholz & Achim Schaefer (Fotos)

Jesus TELO, Maria del MAR, Jerónimo SAAVEDRA at zhe birthday party in the glamorous Real Club Náutico' de Gran Canaria

Beside sailings, football, swimming and judo, gymnastics with all his facets belongs to the most important sporty traditions and components of the Canary island society and will win particularly with look on 2016- if LasPalmas resides as a cultural capital of Europe.  

Beside approx. 30 big events in many island towns and island municipalities Gran Canaria where stage programs involved many children, youngsters and club members, there were, in addition, another 32 Workshops in which a total of 1005 participants were counted.
A special success for the organizers is also the growing participation of the local population, nevertheless, in the past the offer of general health sport was not so developed like it is in Europe.
Just this is about to change vehemently!

Dynamic at the closing program ...!

Seniora Sarah TELO im Moment des Auspustens der Lichter auf der Geburtstagstorte