20. November 2010  
Las Palmas  
Happy Gymnastics

Also a bridge tournament belonged to the Blume festival

In the elitist and famous club "Real Nautico" of Las Palmas on Gran Canaria the 2-day bridge tournament also takes part for the12th time in the festival program, thus also in the 50th jubilee of BLUME GRAN CANARIA".
In four rows with six tables and in a tensed and concentrated atmosphere, the participants made a run at the popular cups and cash prizes of this tournament.

These include real bridge professionals of the Canarian Islands, as well as sympathizers, sponsors and guests of the tournament.

Concentrated atmosphere at the tables of the XII. International Bridge-Tournament 'Blume-Gran Canaria' 2010

Maria Roca, Mr. RADO, right: Blume chief Jesus TELO