18. November 2010  
Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria  
Happy Gymnastics

Arriving day: Also a lot of Newcomers visit the Island ...

<< A.S.D. "EXPRI" NOGETO, so is called the Italian club which will participate the first time with 14 girls and four trainers.
Their highlight will be the participation on Friday at the sixth European TEAM GYM cup competition, but they had also stated interest in the synchronous swimming which is planned for Saturday...

Also to Japan it has got about that the "island of the eternal spring" is the Mecca for people hungry for movement at all age during November.

Such a big group of 38 Japanese has never come along in the 50-year-old history of the festival, also Australia will be represented....

Nuria, presents her own designed Blume Flyer
... and brings orderliness into the chaos ...

<< Supervisor Jürgen Klughammer from the Pfalz (Germany) is somehow the "good soul" of the Blume organisation.

Even if the organisation is sometimes a bit confused - up to now each of the Blume participants of the last 20 years had clearing answers from him:
"Our Jürgen mostly finds for everything a solution", - so the praise of the Spanish host Jesus Telo.

Flower grain Canaria - this is same also a logistic challenge!

Not only the international guests because of who come this time from 13 countries as well as from the Spanish mainland, but also because of the integration of tausender participants of all Canary islands.
All together more than 6,000 actors are on nine event days during 27 events plus 34 Workshops at 15 different event places on the island in action.

Prof. Detlef Schmidt, Bärbel Schöttler planing all the workshop activities

That's alone is one of the main reason to make a special journey and a special active holiday at the "Island of Eternal Spring", here on Cran Canaria.
* Eckhard Herholz for GYMmedia from
Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria
* Translated by Nuria Fischer