22. November 2010  
Maspalomas, Gran Canaria  
Happy Gymnastics

The Maspalomas Night and the Yumbo Highlights

A series of show events started with the opening ceremony on Sunday evening at the YUMBO Mall of the vacationer´s town of Maspalomas on the JUMBO stage the big formations from Denmark and Japan with her choreography impressed at the same time.

Besides, a part also take place in the animated centre of Maspalomas, directly in front of the imposing ecumenical church of the town. '

There 10 groups with a total of 264 gymnasts from 5 countries offered a varied 90 minutes programmes, often specially prepared for the BLUME Festival.

The 25-man-group of the "Riverside Display Team” impressed with a high-quality show with a charming solo performance

The 'Riverside display team' (on top)
in Great Britain one also loves high jumps in the minitramp. like 25 girls and boys of the 'Tolworth Gym of club' impressively proved... (below):

On Friday they won the bronze medal in the international TeamGym competition - today the girls of the Italian club 'A.S.P. Expri Nocento Parma' presented themselves in a 'expedition in the jungle' with exotic costumes.

... and at the same time in the JUMBO MALL the impressive and precisely operating great groups from DENMARK, 38 women of the JAPANESE DELEGATION and more than fifty charming GOLDEN LADIES from Sweden attract attention. ________________________________________________________

Sport and gymnastics for old people' plays a prominent role in all Scandinavian societies. Important for all danish formation is the presentation of the national flag: 'Dansk Gymnastiks Idraettsforening'.

Last but not least: The 'Golden Ladies