23. November 2010  
Maspalomas, Gran Canaria  
Happy Gymnastics

National Danish Performance Team (NDPT)

It is a cultural top events when the world-famous "National Danish performance team" performed its choreography!

What they had already offered in the opening evening as a foretaste, the 27 ensemble members acted out their show program in the jumbo mall in the subsequent evenings.

Between 16 and 27 years old are these gymnasts and dancers who go every second year on a world tour lasting up to 10 months.
This Blume week on Gran Canaria is for them a sort of final rehearsal, because afterwards it goes on to "Down-Under", to Australia where they are already expected.
There the "SYDNEY INTERNATIONALLY GYMFEST" in 2012 is prepared....

Entre? des National Danish Performance Team 2010
* From Maspalomas for GYMmedia INTERNATIONAL: Eckhard Herholz & Achim Schäfer

IMPRESSIONENS on the stage of Yumbo Mall in Maspalomas,
... but here a Video from the 'National Danish Performance Teams' produced in September 2010:

Beeindruckende tänzerische Auftritte begeisterten die Blume-Zuschauer hier in Maspalomas.
Wenige Tage zuvor traten die Minitramp-Springer des NTP-Teams in den USA in der Halbzeitpause eines NBA-Basketballspiels in Denver auf, und das sah so aus ...


... from the hectic activity of "American Way of Sports" again back to the graceful leisureliness of the flower grain Canaria performance:
Also here the "Nationwide Danish performance knew how to persuade team" absolutely and was really one of the worthy climaxes of this week and a reference to the organizers of the 50th festival jubilee!