26. November 2010  
Las Palmas  
Happy Gymnastics

A special gala in the year of jubilees

In the big sports centre of Las Palmas assembled approx. 1,250 actors, in some extent the active part of approx. 5,000 festival participants of the 50th “Festival of the hearts”, "BLUME GRAN CANARIA 2010 to perform a big gala of the joy of life and the active being.

About 3 hours were filled with international top achievement, like the "National Danish performance team", also the Far Eastern charm of Japanese dancers, up to competitive rhythmical gymnastics groups or also the charming bustle of gymnastic beginner.

Anmutiga japanische Tänze zur Gala

2010 is a year of the jubilees on Gran Canaria Today beside the 50th Blume festival the traditional local football- association "Victoria" celebrate its 100th jubilee.
The swimming association of the Las Palmas, "Metropol", counts proud 70 years and they participate since 50 years uninterrupted in the BLUME Festival.
It is an impressive sign of local value, how important and integrated sport and gymnastics are in the Canary Island.

... happy faces we saw, when mentally disabled Civitas members presented their pyramids

About 100 actors of 'San Jose Domenicas' with an phantastic idea - a big blue drapery, symbolyzing the ocean as a biotope for many different animals ...

Not only the youngest participants, but also the older genaration '50+' was in the programs, like these 114 women and men from the Danish Gymnastics Federation (DGI).