29. November 2011  
Maspalomas, Gran Canaria  
Happy Gymnastics

Maspalomas Night - with a fantastic background!

Grateful to the south of the holiday island Gran Canaria lined back expectantly in the center of the action area of Maspalomas.
Action announced in pure themselves, when the convoy was approaching the BLUME festival participants with his equipment and the babble of languages ​​and voices of many countries now steadily filled the ranks:
Before incomparably beautiful scenery of the light shone in Ecumenical Church was the "Maspalomas Night" set this evening in the hands of the British groups, which includes the regular visitors for decades to this world famous BLUME Festival. Among the participants of the festival site is on this action area because of the special atmosphere is very popular because here the spectator ran up close to the wine-colored flooring crowd, only one buffer to the otherwise-containing concrete and hard surfaces.
But at the Monday forenoon started all the different workshop programs ...

Also the girls from 'Scarborough All stars Junior Team' like to built pyramids
Acrobatic gymnastics have a big tradition and a high level in Great Britain!