01. December 2011  
Maspalomas / Gran Canaria  
Happy Gymnastics

Singing Bavarian State winners 2011 are visiting Blume-Gran Canaria

None other than the German prize winner at the "Bavarian State Gymnastics Festival" announced yesterday in Maspalomas, and fond of singing from her unmistakable voice and business card:

At the action stage of the Jumbo Centre joined the evening gala the "TSG Pasing" (Munich) - the  German Champion 2010 (Augsburg) in the so-called "Dance / Gym-group Competition," and this year the current Bavarian State Champion 2011, where the group on the party of the German Gymnastics Youth (Turnerjugend) this trip was handed over to the "island of eternal spring" as a prize.

Singing, dancing, being active, it means gymnastics and more are part of the profile of this interesting offering from which there are several choices, such as group gymnastics, or running or swimming relays, medicine ball toss, orienteering and more, where every group can select four of the different disciplines and put it in one performance ...

TSG Pasing - Bavarian State Champion and Prize Winner 2011

F r i e n d s ...!

Wilfried Sauer, a longtime staff of gymnastics in Hesse, presenting a dynamic group of Hessian femal seniors.