03. December 2011  
Maspalomas, San Fernando / Gran Canaria  
Happy Gymnastics

A Spanish Gymnastics Matinee in San Fernando on a high level!

In the large multi-purpose sports hall of San Fernando - an urban district of the main tourist area on the resort island of Maspalomas in the south - again all hell broke loose:
Excited girls - but rarely boys - went back and forth, each wanted the other to exceed the most beautiful outfit:
As the extra-made costume was created, the final corrections were made with needle and thread....
As was made ​​up and examined, tried last poses, excited coaches and mothers tugging again and moved everything ready, what should then be brought to perfection:
A large Canarian Gymnastics Matiinee schools and sports clubs of the Canary Islands was imminent, a colorful look at the remarkable and challenging level of performance both in school sports training, as well as high levels of performance youngest  talents especially in rhythmic gymnastics (* see photo, left) ...

All participants of the 'BLUME-MATINEE 2011 in San Fernando
- Impressions from GYMmedia photographer Achim SCHAEFER
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The girl's group of the Club Adeyamahen' representing the Canary Island La Palma worked just b e f o r e their performance and styled their outfit perfectly

The talents of the RG-clubs 'Daysan El Tablero' (Cran Canaria) deliberately gave themselves on camera, both in the pose ...

Also this show here in San Fernando, specially with Spanish kids, talents, pupils showed the high level of sports and the specially charakter of the Blume Festival: It is an event for young and older people, and so an excellent opportunity for communication between different generations.
* E. Herholz / GYMmedia INTERNATIONAL
* Photos by:  Achim Schaefer (GER)