02. December 2011  
Las Palmas, Gran Canaria  
Happy Gymnastics

The big 2011 BLUME-GALA in the main Sports Hall of Las Palmas

There is always one of the absolute highlights of the entire great festival of the "BLUME-Gran Canaria GALA 2011".
Thus ensured even in the 51st anniversary of more than 800 active participants from 23 delegations and groups integrated in this gala evening - both from the Canary Islands as well as the representatives of 12 international groups for wonderful mood.

It includes a fair amount of logistical effort and the experience of half a century to convey to each participant at the right time right place, and this from anywhere in the island.
With the comfortable busses of the company "Las Palmas bus" it is not a problem...  Even a mini-trampoline was forgotten by the Danish delegation and  about 60 km away from Puerto Rico in the south of the island in time "after" transported, and also this atmospheric show was saved ...

Lively, sporty driving in Las Palmas' biggest sports hall at the BLUME-Gala 2011
- much to the delight of the representative of the island's government Gran Canarias, Sen. Felix NODA

Also Sen. Felix NODA, the managing director of the Sports Office of the Gran Canaria Island Council knows this.
He was not only among the guests, but to inspire especially true of the children had demonstrations.

Felix NODA, once even a famous footballer on the island emphasized himself, especially the "... long Festival tradition on the island, and I'm impressed with how this has been BLUME Gran Canaria idea developed especially internationally as a hallmark of almost joyous sports.