02. December 2012  
Gran Canaria, Spain  
Happy Gymnastics

52nd BLUME Festival Gran Canaria finished

This time, the traditional BLUME Festival 2012 in the multi-purpose hall "Juan Beltran" the island's capital, Las Palmas was brought to an atmospheric finale.

In particular ran again many Spanish groups to a great form and presented the variety of design options and the sporting life on the islands of the Canaries.

Always finds the integration of the mentally and physically disabled persons its reflection in the festival week, which make much of the appeal of sports, education and integration into a life worth living.

Polisportiva 'Juan Beltran', Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

It is the largest center for the treatment of disabled people on Gran Canaria and only one of a total of 370 facilities in 52 countries, and are supervised by the merciful brothers worldwide.
So it was not a miracle that BLUME OC chief Jesus Telo also made ​​station with a 2012 Festival event !

* Report : GYMmedia / -ehe-
   Photos: Achim Schäfer


<< Finally, Sen Jesus TELO
recognized again this 52nd Issue of a more than half a century old festival tradition that was particularly special master in the face of the Euro crisis and the difficult economic situation in Spain is difficult.
That it is the canary organizers from Gimnasio Las Palmas succeeded nevertheless excellent, compels off to them!!

* 12 Nations, more than 750 foreign participants in 38 different groups - that is also a great balance of this years festival Blume Gran Canaria, again!

* In thre sports events, in Judo, Bridge and synchronized swimming gathered more than 1,000 athletes!

* But the events in Maspalomas (Yumbo) enjoyed the sense of more than 10,000 spectators, and that the new mix BLUME Festival + Christmas market has proved itself:  BLUME Gran Canaria and in the background, a Christmas tree, something we never had, and the opening by the Mayor of Maspalomas was also one of the highlights of the this year's festival week.

* The "International Gymnastics Festival 50 +, which took place in the days before the BLUME Festval wasopened, enlarged, the number of participants with 600 participants and with groups from 5 countries (Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Spain).

* The enrichments of our international workshops have been very well attended.
In Zumba, for instance we had over 200 - or the "Meet Together" took over 150 BLUME participants.

* New in our festival program was the the hiking! It was fantastic and was very accepted!!

With a total of 5,120 participants BLUME Gran Canaria is known as the "Spanish Gymnaestrada"!"

* The weather was (almost always) and we only reported the failure of only one YUMBO event ... otherwise all of the 36 gymnastic events had been carried out on time and on schedule.. 

* The venues have been expanded to one more community, to now 7. (+1 in Santa Brigida) .

* Overall, we registriereten an audience record of over 46,200 spectators at the 52th BLUME Gran Canaria..

** We are pleased once again to our guests from 2013,  November  21 to 30, to the 53rd FLOWER FESTIVAL Gran Canaria !

* Jesus TELO
OK-Chef Blume Gran Canaria


** All in all, sat hthe 52nd FLOWER Festival Gran Canaria provide renewed impetus

- For the enrichment of a fulfilled life,

- For the friendly international understanding through sport and providing activity to the dynamic senior citizens,

- For the cooperation and dialogue between the generations from young to old. 

BLUME invites all festival organizers in Europe and in the world to step up through the Internet networking these impulses.

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