29. November 2012  
Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria  
Happy Gymnastics

Ex-Gym Stars from Switzerland and Germany as flower-guests

In the middle of turbulent and full-action of the BLUME Festival, not as solists, but as members of their vational clubs, we discoverd two former gym-stars from Switzerland and from Germany, who realized their personal Blume Gran Canaria Festival premiere:

<<  More in the background we discoverd the 37-years old Dieter "Didi" REHM, who was the only one Swiss Olympic Finalist 2000 in Sydney among the top eight on vault and highbar ...

<< Costumed and dressed as an African Zebra the Olympic silver medallist from 1988 (Seoul) on uneven bars, Dagmar KERSTEN, from the bronze GDR team, experiences her BLUME Festival premiere in full-action with her team from the club TB Oldenburg and celebrated on the Island of eternal spring wonderful aesthetic performances....

Dagmar KERSTEN dressed as a zebra in the dunes of Maspalomas:
Her slogan: '...now I want to make children strong

'In my club team I feel very good!', Dagmar Kersten (r.), Christiane Kaczmarzyk (oben, l.) among the small 'Blume' delegation of TB Oldenburg.

To her top sports career Dagmar Kersten wants, at least not to be reminded of superficial, but:
 "I accept already that I once brought strong athletic achievements, but ... at what cost?"
In Seoul, she had become only a few thousandths behind the gold medalist Daniela Silivash from Romania second in the uneven bars final:
* Youtube-VIDEO --: Dagmar Kersten (1988), OS Seoul:

Today, her things, such as their association working on the TB Oldenburg, together with her daughter Alina, much more important!

Both "hide" themselves as actors in fancy zebra costumes, the choreography was compiled and rehearsed by her and by the coach Christiane Kaczmarzyk  ...:

Fantastically beautiful moments of Blume-Festival ...!
... and among the Oldenburg team Dagmar Kersten (r) with her daughter Alina and Christiane Kaczmarzyk (top left).

Dieter "Didi" REHM from Switzerland - one more prominent BLUME guest more:
<< At the 13 years old photo (left) he flew  in the Chinese Tianjin over the horse at the World championships, and at the end he won there the bronze medal, as one of the best Swiss athlet in the las decade of the last century. One year later, 2000 in Sydney, he was the only one Swiss gymnast, who reached the Olympic finals vault and high bar. 
... This week, Dieter Rehm acted - rather unimpressive with his troupe of TV Opfikon-Kloten on the stage of the BLUME Gran Canaria festivals where we would have overlooked in the background almost pretty.
"It's good for the sport performance times in normal life to gymnastics somehow remain true to the fun," said the 38-year mean time.

Once the European vice-champion of 1996 and European Championship's third placed in 1998 (vault)  to competitive sports platforms of the world and at home - now the sports is a normal part just for fun in his daily life.
His Swiss club TV Kloten-Opfikon saw its 2012 FLOWER PREMIERE:

TV Opfikon-Kloten, Blume Premiere, here at the Sports Hall of the Island 's capital Las Palmas.