01. December 2012  
Gran Canaria, Spain  
Happy Gymnastics

Hiking - a new Blume Festival offer

For the first time in the history lasting more than half a century HIKING added this year as a new program offering as part of the 52nd BLUME Gran Canaria Festival. It is surprising really that this is happening in the fascinating landscape only now.
To the Canary Blume organizers had brought a real professional on board: Rolf Zimmermann , in his "Representative for hiking" in German Gymnastics Federation ( DTB) and for over 20 years closely connected with hiking - a true professional  - so in the hands again and the preparation for the migration offer the International German Gymnastics Festival 2013 is located in the Rhine - Neckar area.
"A good preparation is an indispensable for demanding hikes, especially in the previously unknown territory, like the Lavainsel Gran Canaria," the migrant professional carpenter. After all, it's going up to heights of 2,000 meters, which implies unconditional of the meteorological and weather conditions. Remote paved roads and streets is of course suitable hiking footwear is as important ...

Rolf Zimmermann (right), been used for the preliminary design of the walking tours, offered during the week in the BLUME Festival, and actively used by the participants to complete!!

At the meeting on Palmitos park entrance we saw smooth asphalt the last time ...!

... but whose size changed in the course of the rise and the track.

A little break at the right time, in spite of heavy legs makes walking hastily re ready ...!