23. November 2012  
Las Palmas, Gran Canaria  
Artistic Gymnastics

TeamGym: Swedish, British and Spanish victories in Las Palmas ...

On the first day of the 52. BLUME Gran Canaria Festival 2012 took place the 13th International TeamGym Tournament.

<< In the sportshall of the University of Las Palmas, the capitel of the Gran Canaria Island the senior team of the Swedish "SOL-Flickorna GF" (< photo, left) won with a score of 44,25 points, in front of the second placed Crewe & Nantwich Gym Club from Great Britain, scoring 43,40 points.

In the junior category also the same British equipe was the best (46,70), beating the team from the sports gymnasium of Dornbirn (Austria; 39,95).

There was a great rejoicing in the University Hall on Las Palmas, as the trio of the local Club of "San Jose Dominica" defeated the Austrian counterparts from the Sports Gymnasium of Dornbirn ...

Swedish Girls, the 'Flickorna' with Scandinavian power and charm ...

Proud faces of the boys of the local Club 'San Jose Dominicas'.


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