27. November 2012  
Ingenio, Gran Canaria  
Happy Gymnastics

On many places take place Shows with full action !

In addition to the performances of the delegations from 10 European countries, particularly in the UK, the Scandinavian countries and also from Germany, which can be admired at the nightly shows at the JUMBO Center of Maspalomas, of course, the mass of thousands of active subscribers of the BLUME-Festivals be composed of the numerous groups of all Canary Islands, on stages and in gyms on the island underway:
Everywhere in physical education throughout the year or in the numerous clubs and programs are rehearsed content, which may be performed by the best of schools and clubs to the festival week every year.

<< It is a big honor and a special distinction at the same time for the participants to be able to present themselves at  "BLUME", as the young ladies of the Aerobic & Gymnastic Club Alltau Juvenil Las Huesas out of  the second largest town of Gran Canaria, from Telde ...

The Club Alltau Las Hesas from the second largest city in Gran Canaria, from TELDE, has a wide range of offerings: Rhythmic gymnasts - as here in the event in Ingenio (photo, above).
They were here in the BLUME program, they started well with a team in TeamGym Competition last week, also at the opening show on Sunday at the Jumbo Center and at all: many show appearances and many presentations, even on the Spanish mainland they are and thereby convey a mood and atmosphere, as the following VIDEO shows impressively:

Group dynamic by the girls from Telde, as a part of the Show in the sports hall of Ingenio (Gran Canaria) ....

... but also M A R T I A L A R T S are parts of the BLUME-Program: