24. November 2013  
Gran Canaria  

Also Judo is part of GYM-Festival BLUME

700 participants at the Judo Tournament in Tamaraceite
The sport of Judo is since 9 years part of the programme of the BLUME-Festival.
 Last Saturday the sports hall in Tamaraceite was dominated by the color white. About 700 judokas participated there at the IX. Judo Tournament 2013, which was a part of the International GYM Festival BLUME GRAN CANARIA. Clubs from ten of the 21 municipalities of Gran Canaria joined the tournament, that the Judo Club Tama had organized. Rodolfo Hernandez was pleased with the good response. The President of the Judo Club Tama has contributed to the fact that the martial arts judo is now an integral part of the BLUME-Festival. "Judo is a popular sport on the island," said Jesús Telo Rodriguez, Head of the Organization Comitee of the festival. "Our festival is a sport-for-all festival. We liked judo to be integrated to further promote the sport. "