02. December 2013  
Las Palmas, Gran Canaria  

BLUME Gran Canaria was a 'Festival with Heart' again

The 53 GYM Festival BLUME Gran Canaria in 2013 finished with a five-digit record number of foreign visitors! There were new competitions in the colorful program and the participation by thousands of participants of the Canary Islands themselves - from young to old - and the integration of athletic and cultural programs in the everyday life of the population was impressive and can be an example for the whole of Europe!
In a GYMmedia exclusive interview BLUME-OC chief Jesus TELO Rodriguez saw this as a first result of the successful cross-linking by the community of interests of the "European GYM Festival" (EGF), whose founding members include the Spanish BLUME organizers as well as the Svabian. Gymnastics Federation and the Italian "Festival del Sole".

An indispensable part of this special spirit "Festival with Heart" is the Canarian folklore. Every year growing up the numbers of participants underline the sustainable visibility of BLUME Festival idea among the people! Jesus Telo in the middle, instead of just taking ...!

Jesus TELO,
OC Chief Blume Gran Canaria

.... only because of the extremely popular gymnastics here the BLUME Festival is a hot spot for international clubs, to come here!

?? -  B L U M E  is one of the founders of the network "European GYM Festival" (EGF). What is there to continue this development?
       The EGF Network is a future-oriented idea and is certainly one of the reasons for the successful promotion of our international festivals. We will meet again in Germany at the beginning of the 2014-2016 planning insurance. The development is to bring about the inclusion of the next Gym Festival organizers and as is well ensured by the wide spread of the internet platform by the GYMmedia portals.
 This new GYM-Community is online already, we try to apply modern social networks to turn our community up to date and to use online. Since BLUME Gran Canaria is also a "Member of GYMfamily", this global network is very efficient! 
 An example of this: 3 hours after the online offer of the notification documents our EGF partner and Italian friends from the "Festival del Sole" had already reserved all groups and more than 4,000 participants! This means: Our networking European gymnastics community reacted promptly to this meaningful networking and accepts the offer. Meanwhile, there have been requests for cooperation from New Zealand, Thailand, Scandinavia and even from Nessebar, Bulgaria ...!
We can only say to all GYM Organizers: Join in ...!

?? - Looking ahead: What are the main points of work on the way to 54th GYM-Festival BLUME Gran Canaria? Are there already new ideas ...?
      The draft program for BLUME Gran Canaria 2014 is fixed and we will get 21 to 29 November 2014 meeting in Gran Canaria. It is already worth this date in the World CYM Calendar 2014 to enter, so as not to miss especially the registration deadlines. Vacation dates is also planning any long term - and: A BLUME-participation is much more beautiful than holiday! Some new ideas we should keep as a surprise initially hold back, but we can today publish a new "International Aerobics Tournament" under the direction of Barbara Stengl (GER) and Yaiza Castellanos (ESP).
But what we must ensure is: BLUME Gran Canaria remains the FESTIVAL WITH HEART

* The interview was conducted by E. Herholz, GYMmedia INTERNATIONAL
with Jesus Telo Rodriguez, OC-Chief GYM-Festival BLUME Gran Canaria

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