24. November 2013  
Playa del Ingles  
Blume Gran Canaria

A Blume Morning starts with 'Qigong' ...

Directly in front of the BLUMEFestival Hotel "Beverly Park" on the beach of Playa del Ingles, on the Southern tip of Gran Canaria with the first rays of the just rising sun on their faces, the festival participants do everything possible to let the sun in also their souls.
'Qigong' is the so called Chinese meditation, concentration and movement therapy, for which one can hardly imagine a better place than here on the Atlantic.
This is just one of the many offerings here at the "Festival with Heart", which will be even more accepted daily in the course of the event week. But even today, the main day of arrival, the first prospective've been active shortly after 7.30 clock in the morning ...

... during the early morning beach promenade in Playa del Ingles from the increasingly active part of the tourists from all over the world, with pleasant temparatures of around 20 degrees Celsius, is haunted by walking and jogging or easy walking ... ..