25. November 2013  

First Day of Workshops at Blume Festival

For nearly a decade, a diverse program of workshops is part of the BLUME festival program. From the beginning, this was in the hands of the German gymnastics expert Baerbel Schoettler, who  was also for many years the DTB administrative receiver for "Seniors", tat means for the elderly part of members in the German Gymnastics Federation. Extensive preparation and logistics is necessary therefore to activate the relevant specialists and lecturers instructors from different countries and make them do the right time, the right place at the right things. It is also on site, the scattered event locations well to combine: bus transfers and hall times, content, daily routines, to the special needs of participants and groups from many countries because it is considered to be coordinated.
 A Herculean task.!

Staff meeting of the workshop speakers with chief Bärbel Schöttler in the Salon in the hotel 'Beverly Park' in Playa del Ingles.

Detlef Schmidt, Bärbel Schöttler

Where the dynamic Zumba teacher Angela Orozco acts (originally from Colombia and now living in Germany) - there it is really sweaty!

... and in the next video you can see the dynamic Zumba teacher Angela Orozco from Germany (born in Colubia) in full action:

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