28. November 2013  
Las Palman  

I. International Tournement of Rhythmic Gymnastics

For the first time at BLUME Festival took place also a top international sports competition of Rhythmic Gymnastics (groups), which was won by the German Group Master, the formation of "SKC TABEA" Halle / Sa. (GER) on Friday night in the central Sportshall of the island's capital, Las Palmas: Both the addition of the points in the all-around, but also with the 10 clubs, and with 3 balls / 2 ribbons. The German group was significantly superior to their opponents from France and Spain.
The organizers began now in 2013 an international tournament tradition and had to premiere the respective groups invited in person at their national championships. This took a total of five formations, and in addition two junior groups of the Canary Islands, where the Rhythmic Gymnastics is operated in many centers at a high level. No wonder, the current world champion group (ball / bands) the last World Cup in Kiev comes from mainland Spain!

First winner of the first Intern. Rhythmic Cup 2013: r 2013 - both, with the 10 clubs but also with 3 balls / 2 ribbons: the Sport & Culture Club 'TaBeA Halle'/ Sa., the reigning national champion 2013.

The athletic opponents of German gymnasts came from France.
 * The clubs performance of "FSGT Aubagne" (FRA), second placed at the end of the day:

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Because the gymnasts from Halle (GER) had actually taken their international presence here very seriously, they have made ​​at home even an intensive special preparation for this competition.
* This was clearly visible both, in content and presentation also inits second exercise with 3 balls / 2 bands

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The coach of the winning German "Sports-& Culture Club" from Halle (Saxonia-Anhalt), Claudia Marx said:
"Quite surprisingly, we received this invitation to the BLUME Festival after winning the  German Championships, this May 2013 in Mannheim, in the days of "International German Turnfest".  For once we could also dispute an international competitionwere with our team athletes. We started with full difficulty value (10.0) in this competition, had intensively prepared on these performances, and ultimately it was worth it., I am very satisfied with my girls!
I'm completely surprised by the young talent of the Spaniards, the talents present with what intensity and enthusiasm even here on the carpet. it was like an intense training for us and a lot of suggestions we take home! An extremely pleasant atmosphere prevailed here, and not just because of the beautiful sun: are overwhelming warmth of the Spanish hosts and the whole atmosphere at the festival!
* R E S U L T S

1. Tabea Halle      (GER)  - 24,850
2. FSGT Aubagne FRA) - 19,950

1. Tabea Halle                 (GER)  - 25,450
2. FSGT Allauch              (FRA)  - 11,680
3. Santaute Santa Brígida (ESP) - 11,150

* Juniors
1. Sataute Santa Brígida (ESP) - 14,250
2. Abeyahamen La Palma (ESP) - 11,350