28. November 2014  
Las Palmas, Gran Canaria  
BLUME 2014

BLUME Gala "Jesus Telo Núñez"

On Thursday evening, the big sports hall of Las Palmas, the Centro Insular Deportes, was dedicated to the memory of the founder of the BLUME Festival, Jesus Telo Nuñez, who at the same place seven years ago (2007), at the last time opened the 47th festival, but 12 months later, he died at 2008, November 02, at the age of 82 years.
Long ago was his son, Jesus Telo Rodriguez, now further developed by his side and had in the hand seamlessly all the threads of this half-century tradition of this unique festival's structureand in the 7th year in-house.
This BLUME GALA 2014 was to a further proof that the ideas of the Canarian fatherof gymnastics be further developed creative ...

♦  Club Elegua Ciudad Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

♦  Club Isla de Lanzarote

♦  SKC Tabea Halle, Germany - Juniors

♦  Asociacion de Vecinos de Cirera, coached by the Olympian Pepita Sanchez Soler (ESP)

♦   SKC Tabea Halle (GER) - Elite group, German RG Champion