23. November 2014  
Arucas & Ingenio/ Gran Canaria  
BLUME 2014

First Blume Performances in Arucas and in Ingenio ...

Even before the official opening of the 54th Festival BLUME Gran Canaria 2014 on Sunday night at the commercial Jumbo center of Maspalomas the series of many daily events began in the various cities and villages on the "Island of the eternal spring".
It started in Arucas, a town of Gran Canaria with about 37,000 inhabitants, and also in Ingenio, near the island's airport of Las Palmas, where the majority of the local participants came from schools of this area.
BLUME OC distributed then the various groups from abroad to the individual events. This then contributes to the diversity and attractiveness of each show performances.
In particular, highly motivated pupils in Gran Canaria, who have prepared their colorful and creative demonstrations during the year in the physical education of their schools and in clubs are therefore highly motivated to be associated in even international events!
In this clever way this cultivated already over half a century Festival traditon has already influenced generations of people in their individual lifetimes and associated with the sport ...