28. November 2014  
Las Palmas, Gran Canaria  
BLUME 2014

I. International Aerobic Cup Blume Gran Canaria

The capital Las Palmas (Gran Canaria) on the main Island of the Canaries was the incident of the very first International BLUME AEROBIC Cup 2014 in the 54th year history of the world-famous general gymnastics festival "BLUME Gran Canaria".
In addition to Rhythmic and artistic Gymnastics, Judo, TeamGym should continue new international competition formats complement the broad program in itself palette for attractive forms of different competitions.
So it is the strategy of the organizers of the Spanish capital club "Gimnasio Las Palmas", to raise the public and media interest on the full range of modern sport.

Every beginning is difficult, however, before prevail new competition formats in the scene will be known, worldwide. Thus, only three clubs from Spain and Germany were initially at the premiere represented that. In the categories of individual, couples, groups and step aerobicsAlso present at this Ist International Aerobic Cup 2014 were participants from Germany, the aerobic center from Halle, which is one of the strongest German centers of this discipline, and the Club TG Zellhause, which measured with the Spanish club "Altau Las Huesa" ...

Organizers and participants in the big Sports Hall of Las Palmas were sure this is already widely accepted the invitation in the coming year from more Aerobics ...!
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