29. November 2014  
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria  
BLUME 2014

II. International BLUME Cup Rhythmic Gymnastic 2014

Almost a little "gone with the wind" was this 2nd edition of "International Rhythmic Gymnastics Cup BLUME 2014".
Originally scheduled at 2 pm, then moved to 4 pm, the competition started at 6 pm finally after the 3rd installaition : The reason was the difficult weather conditions in the Canary Islands: Strong winds blowed over Gran Canaria! So the also planned international artistic gymnastics competitions on the same day even fail completely, because the roof structure of the competition hall was in danger ...
But the young rhythmic gymnast of the German champion group of SKC TABEA Halle were undeterred by all  this and they repeat her victory from last year in the big sports hall of Las Palmas again ...:

♦♦ Elite Group CLUBS
  1. SKC Tabea Halle 11,8 Pkt.
  2. France FSGT Aubagne 8,6
  3. Sataute Santa Brigida 5,5

* FSGT Aubagne, France
♦♦ Elite- Group BALL / RIBBON
  1. SKC Tabea Halle           9,7
  2. France FSGT Aubagne 8,1
  3. Sataute Santa Brigida  6,8

* Sataute Santa Brigida (ESP)
Junior Groups BALLS  (2 rotations)
1. SKC Tabea Halle      23,3
2. KNGU Netherlands   15,0
3. Arotza (ESP)           10,2

* German Junior group SKC Tabea Halle and her coach Lisa Didenko