22. November 2014  
Las Palmas, Gran Canaria  

At the festival, there are also synchronized swimming ...

This BLUME festival is so diverse, though the gymnastic and acrobatics disciplines are in the center of interest:
But there are also Judo, a bridge tournament and yesterday  over 100 enthusiastic swimmers from three Canary Islands with their performances in the SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING!
Full ranks in the swimming pool of the Royal Club "Nautico" of Las Palmas, yesterday evening. Hosted by the oldest swimming club, the "Club Natacion" celebrated four swimming clubs of the Canarian Islands their diverse programs- much to the delight of sports also responsible for the island's capital  Las Palmas and also the presidents of swimming clubs. With active participants a group of Lanzarote was there, also the Club "Nautico Teneriffe" and the two capital's clubs from Las Palmas, "Nautico" and "Metropol".

... to the 24th time: Synchronized Swimming at the Blume-Festival!