30. November 2015  
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria  

Blume 2015: Sesion Igualdad de Oprtunidades

For many years, it is part of the tradition and philosophy of the organizers of the BLUME Festival Gran Canaria to include sport for all in the Festival Program.
In particular, this applies attention to the physically and mentally disabled children. Also this year, therefore, was a special BLUME event in a hospital instead:

So the Belgian gymnastics club "Zeestern de Panne" visits the Orden "Hospitalaria de San Juan de Dios" and spent a happy afternoon with sports, games and theater with the mentally handicapped children...!
Also this is the spirit of the BLUME Festival Gran Canaria!

A cheerful afternoon for children with disabilities.

The sport always plays a major role in treatment and care in this institution and it is an integral part of the educational program, of course not only at this special BLUME day, but it was a highlight of course...!