03. December 2015  
Maspalomas, ESP  

II. International Blume Aerobic Cup 2015

It is the declared intention of the BLUME festival organizers, in accordance with the spirit of the times, to integrate even the most demanding competitions in the program.
So one was also in this year "International Aerobics Cup Blume Gran Canaria" advertised, but all beginnings are difficult:
The invitation was initially one Spanish club with three formations and from Germany came up with the 23-time German Aerobic Champion Janka Daubner and her "Aerobic Center Halle": "Actually the international competition calendar in our sport needs those new appointments," the 42-year-old experienced gymnast, dance and fitness coach said, "and at this year's European Championship in Portugal (Elvas) there have been positive reactions, but until such 'a competition actually established internationally, it's a slightly longer way! "

Das Aerobic-Teilnehmerfeld Blume 2015.