29. November 2016  
Las Palmas, ESP  

Blume Matinee in the Park Catalina inspired Las Palmas

The largest number of annual participants are, of course, the many clubs of the Canary Islands themselves:
This year there are more than 4,000 enthusiastic children and adolescents as well as an increasing number of adults who experience and enjoy their great emotional moments during the many performances.
In Las Palmas Park Catalina, our GYMmedia correspondent Achim Schäfer visited the traditional "BLUME Matinee Las Palmas", where many parents and family members could observe and celebrate their sporting sprouts. Gymnastics and gymnastics in all their varieties and modifications - right up to the show with almost unlimited design possibilities - have a very long and good tradition here ...

A special merit of the B LUME organizers is the appointment of chef organizer, Jesus TELO RODRIGUEZ, who, after the death of his father and founder of the BLUME Festival, Jesus Telo Nuñez (+2008), is also promoting the idea of physically and / or mentally disabled people FLOWER activities. ...
And it is by no means pure actionism that culminates in a mere public presentation:
In the Canary Islands, and especially in Gran Canaria, appropriate forms of gymnastics, gymnastics, or dancers' content and forms are immanent components of the education and training of children, adolescents and adults during the year:
♦♦ GYMmedia attended a BLUME event "GYMNASTICS for people with disabilities" in the center of San Juan de Dios ":