30. November 2016  
Arucas, GC  

Youth dominates the Gala in Arucas

If you get the impression that the older semesters, the "Golden Ager" dominate at the BLUME-Festival - far away:
For example, the average age was estimated at the dynamic BLUME Gala in the North of Gran Canaria, in the green "banana republic" Arucas certainly not 20 years.
Many children with their groups and schools in the area showed their programs. As foreign actors, for example, the German aerobics from the aerobic base Halle in Saxonia-Anhalt interfered with the participants; With her also Germany's longtime and indestructible aerobic queen Janka Daubner with a rousing Can Can. Also the Rope skippers from TV Leer 1860, the "Pink Candy Steppers & Friends" in their US-shirts earned recognition and giant applause ...

* Ingenio is a municipality on the Canary Island of Gran Canaria.
Ingenio has 30,022 inhabitants and is located south of Telde and north-east of Agüimes to the south and Valsequillo de Gran Canaria to the west.
Like every year, the BLUME Festival is a place where hundreds of children and young people are celebrated. Also our GYMmedia photographer Achim Schäfer was brightly impressed ...