30. November 2017  
Gran Canaria  
Blume 2017

BLUME Festival - that includes also the "IGF 50+

"IGF 50+ - Behind this abbreviation hides the" International Gymnastics Festival 50+ ", not only permanent best part of the BLUME Festival for many years, but the Spanish organizers are also among the pioneers of these special offers for active seniors in their prime, also called as "Golden Ager" in 2005, at the 45th BLUME Festival, the initiative was launched on the initiative of former chairpersons for elder Gymnastics (German Gymnastics Federation DTB), Bärbel Schoettler, the "1. GOLDEN AGE FESTIVAL ", which was well received by the European Gymnastics Union (UEG) so much that three years later it took over this idea and since then has been a biennial event, which in no way deters the Spanish inventors in particular from annual sporting events to continue to nurture senior offers, that are still very popular in a variety of this year's workshops too ...

Traude Kell

Variety and Originality

Take any object of everyday life be it plastic bottles or carpet tiles or fly swatters or a simple chair. Every year, the German instructor Christiane Kleinke introduces something new!
Last year, there were simply tights, and this year she inspired their workshop participants with the sporty use of chairs ...:

Angela Orozco-Dittrich in full action!

Also a flamenco course is in the current BLUME workshop offer. The mix Angela Orozco-Dittrich with the Spanish flamenco teacher "Swany" (in the foreground) make an irresistible mix of power and aesthetics! Ravishing, the two!