29. November 2017  
Las Palmas, ESP  
Blume 2017

Blume Festival - also in the gigantic Gran Canaria Arena

Since its opening in 2014 with the Basketball World Championship, the imposing "Gran Canaria ARENA" in the capital Las Palmas has become another sporting and cultural center.
Nearly 12,000 spectators find it in place and as this week also the participants of the 57th BLUME Festival 2017 populated this gigantic arena, there was a happy and turbulent action - completely different than usual at the home games of the Spanish basketball club Herbalife Gran Canaria.

Now, for the second time, this modern sports hall was available to the BLUME organizers, but for most of the girls and also for most of the older participants, this was the first time in such a huge arena ...

The "Gran Canaria Arena" in Las Palmas was the home of the aesthetic sport this evening. Blume enthusiasts from many countries indulged in their hobby and brought many creative ideas to the performance.
(c) Photos by gymmedia / Achim Schäfer

Local Dancing Group from the City of Arucas "Mejor Bailandu"

Rhythmic gymnastics, in the mix of different age and power classes it's very important for parents and their kids, for the meaningful design of their free time in high quality! A lot of talents are working in the Club "Ayatime" on the island Lanzarote.