04. December 2017  
Gran Canaria  
Blume 2017

Jesus TELO RODRIGUEZ: "Achieved the most international BLUME...!"

More than 4,200 participants inclusive all the international guests from Europe and all ofer the world have participated in the annual gymnastics festival and nearly 1,000 of them were foreigners from 18 countries
After nine days in which gymnastics has spread throughout the island, the BLUME GRAN CANARIA FESTIVAL, with all our events, competitons and shows and friendly meetings of all the delegations which has been performing since 1960, ends now its 57th edition 2017.
Once again, this marks the end of a great celebration of the joie de vivre and active shaping of everyday life ...

Right in the middle there instead of just! OK boss Jesus Telo Rodriguez loves precisely such pictures: cheering people of all generations, playing sports together, having fun and being sociable and having an international flair: "... that's exactly the special FLOWER atmosphere"!

Youth power in Arucas: The girls of the group of "Academia de baile Mejor Nailando"

The dynamic generation of "Golden Age"!
Another of the achievements of this new edition of BLUME GRAN CANARIA has been a high participation in the segment of people over 50 years:

BLUME Gala Santa Brigida de Gran Canaria: Sport makes tired men cheerful and mercurial!

About 700 at the "best age" of 50+ years ...!
In addition to them, approximately 1,300 people outside from Gran Canaria and the rest of the islands of the Canary Islands have been present in the international event. The festival has allowed all of them to participate in gymnastics shows, championships and international workshops with the objective that trainers and instructors from different countries could exchange their knowledge, especially in terms of different gymnastic techniques.

As every last week of the month of yaerly November,
the BLUME GRAN CANARIA FESTIVAL will return again next year from
2018 November 23 to December 01, with the aim of reaching more corners of the island and having even more participants from around the world.
All the best ...
Jesús Telo Rodríguez