01. December 2017  
Playa del Ingles, ESP  

Richard Wieser - multiple Farewell of the "Rockodiles" Coach

At the beginning of November, the German  Rock'n'roll group "Rockodiles" from the "Nicolaus Copernicus Gymnasium" in Weissenhorn (Bavaria) celebrated their 30th anniversary with two spectacular shows in front of almost 2,000 spectators in the Fuggerhalle in ther hometown.
Coach Richard WIESER (65), who founded the extraordinary dance sports company 30 years ago and has been working as a trainer ever since, was also announced at the events. He will retire from his profession as teacher and coach in February 2018.
And now, in the distant Playa del Ingles on Gran Canaria, it's now another farewell:
".. yes, that's the last time I've participated with a group of my "Nicolaus Copernicus Grammar School" after a total of 15 participations at the BLUME Gran Canaria Festival since the first time, in 1993, with interruption now for me first time! "

Also the BLUME participants will miss this Richard Wieser very much, but, one never knows:
After all, this festival is just specially for the "Golden Ager" - and this time will only begin for the ex-teacher retiring from February 2018 on and in general:
As a rock'n roll instructor, he has just brought the over 60s into his workshop program this year. That would be something for the further BLUME presence of Richard Wieser - or not?

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