30. November 2018  
Las Palmas, ESP  
BLUME 2018

5th International BLUME AEROBIC Cup 2018

In addition to competitions in judo, trampoline gymnastics, team gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics, the Spanish BLUME festival organizers have also included an international aerobics competition in their program since five years.
For the 5th time, the "Copa Internacional Aerobic" is already taking place in the large sports hall of the island's capital, Las Palmas.
In addition to participants from Gran Canaria itself, participants from the Cape Verde Islands, from the local Clube de Ginastica Acroart, as well as from Lanzarote are registered. From Germany, the group and individual starters of the aerobic center Halle / Sa. are registered, among of them the 24-time German champion Janka Daubner ..

The TRIO of the Cape Verde Islands.

The competition itself was rather manageable, but ultimately missed the announced Spanish competition from the Canary Islands.
But you had fun in the small international city comparison between Halle / Sa. (GER) and Praia (CAP),
with these following results:
* Age Group 2:
1. Jule TRÖDEL (AE-Zentrum Halle)  - 19,30
2. Jeannie WINKLER  (AE-Zentrum Halle) - 18,60

* Age Group 8 - 11 years
1. Stephanie DE CUZ         (Praia/CAP) - 16,45
2. Eunila PEREIRA           (Praia / CAP) - 16,45
3. Giulia RAMOS             (Praia / CAP) - 16,15

4. Elaine de SOUSA           (Praia / CAP) - 15,35

* WOMEN: Janka Daubner                 (AE-Zentrum Halle / GER)  - 19,55
* GRUPPE AG 1 :                                   AE-Zentrum Halle / GER  - 16,45
* DUO:  Jule TRÖDEL / Jeannie Winckler      (AE-Zentrum Halle) - 18,75
* AERODANCE (12 - 17 J.)                                  AE-Zentrum Halle - 16,20
* TRIO: Giulia Ramos/Elaine de Sousa/Eunilia Preira (Paia / CAP) - 15,85

* And as a further plus or result of this bilateral competition contact could even be a visit to the Aerobic szene of Halle next year on the Capverden. This creates friendships in sports, which also has its "special soul" through such events!
(C) gymmedia / -ehe-
Fotos: (C) gymmedia; A. Schäfer / B. Stengl