03. December 2018  
Las Palmas, ESP  
BLUME 2018

BLUME Festival Resume 2018: Where are international limits ...?

"Where are BLUME international limits...?

... asks the Spanish Chief Organizer Jesús Telo Rodríguez:
About 1,050 foreign gymnasts from 65 groups and 20 different countries Amazing to welcome such numbers of foreign visitors every year. What is the secret? I think we substantiate our progress in 3 main pilars:
First is the confidence for our gymnasts, that BLUME GRAN CANARIA takes place always during the last week of November and the program is established and our teams can planned their participation with enough time.
Second are the excellent flight and direct connections with more than 40 European and African airports. Additionally the low cost and good quality flights have incorporated the economic option that makes for the teams easier to travel in big groups.

+ BLUME Organizing Committee
    - Gimnasio Las Palmas -
Jesús Telo Rodríguez

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