25. November 2018  
Maspalomas, GC  

MASPALOMAS NIGHT - the Blume Prelude 2018

In the tourist center of Gran Canaria, in the YUMBO shopping mall of Maspalomas, the first evening of the show was eagerly awaited:
The term "MASPALOMAS NIGHT" has spread among the participants of the BLUME festival for an attractive festival appearance, which is planned four times from Sunday evening to Wednesday, and is now an absolute highlight for the numerous tourists on the holiday island:
Where else do you get for "0 EURO" admission such a high-quality show program delivered:
So convinced for example the festival regulars from Great Britain of the "Scarborough GYM Club" (<photo, left) as savvy pyramid builders ...

The "BLUME-bacillus" has long infected the population of the island: Traditionally, at the opening, the representatives of the region of the island community of San Bartolomé with more than 80 participants!

* The city of Halle in central Germany is a stronghold of the German aerobic scene.
The group from Saxony-Anhalt had brought a spirited Can Can ...:

Also from Halle and BLUME Festival regulars, the sports and culture club "TaBeA":