02. December 2018  
Las Palmas, ESP  
Blume 2018

... also the 58th BLUME Festival is History, now!

Once again, many groups and actors gathered for the final event in the large sports hall of the island's capital, Las Palmas. Before that there was a trampoline competition and many groups and delegations let their festival week end individually:
Walks and excursions in the mountains of the island of Gran Canaria were as popular as beach walks in the most beautiful summer weather on the sandy beach to the lighthouse in Meloneras, in front of the magical scenery of the dunes of Maspalomas.
And some clubs were traveling exclusively as holiday guests, who had viewed the many events as a spectator and could enjoy entertaining programs, such. B. also the Ueckermuende gymnastics club of 1861 ...

♦ Also BLUME regulars are always groups from Denmark, where the gymnastics disciplines as popular sport are absolutely strong developed.
Since the year 2000 z. for example, Jane Sørensen attend the BLUME Festival. The longtime voluntary gymnastics instructor celebrated here with her large women's delegation from Randers, near Aarhus, and together with her husband, her 50th "Golden  anniversary Wedding", to which her Danish Ladies naturally dedicated a powerfully serene serenade:

The Danish group from Randers with the Cheers coupler Jane Sørensen & Husband
both with flag right outside). CONGRATULATION!!

Oh well - here with the wonderful summer and bathing weather, you forget that it is not much longer until Christmas on the first Advent:

FELIZ NAVIDAD! -So this is called in Spanish, and of course, the hotel management of the festival hotel BEVERLY PARK in Playa del Inglés has arranged the appropriate backdrop that the charming Russian group ARIADNA from St. Petersburg knows how to use:
"Счастливого Рождества!"

♦ The girls from Austria, from Walgau and from Dornbirn, brought special greetings
   from the upcoming highlight 2019, the next WELTGYMNAESTRADA 2019 ...

... before it is called again:
♦♦ WELCOME to the 59th BLUME FESTIVAL Gran Canaria 2019!