30. November 2019  
Gran Canaria  

The BLUME Festival completes the 6th decade

Gala BLUME GRAN CANARIA: "Jesús Telo Núñez"

Once again this year, the festival filled the sports halls and stages of the island with an audience and with actors who devoted themselves in their free time to the manifold possibilities of different kinds of gymnastics. But the history of this event has also been into the focus of attention:
The BLUME Gala at the Commercial Center YUMBO in the heart of Maspalomas this week also focused on the memory of the festival's founder, "Jesús TELO Núñez", the Canary Islands' father of gymnastics, who created his last festival in 2007 and passed away on 05. November 2008, November 08. His son Jesus TELO Rodriguez is now continuing this tradition with his proven organizational staff and is already preparing the next big jubilee, the 60th BLUME FESTIVAL Gran Canaria in the Olympic year 2020, in memoriam of Joaquin BLUME, the four-times European artistic gymnastics champion of the Fifties in the last century...

So remains as a proud conclusion:

 << In memory of the great Spanish hero of artistic gymnastics, Joaquin BLUME, who died after an aircraft accident
- the Festival  idea of it's founder and father of Canarian gymnastics, from 60 years ago ...

<< ... the"old Jesús TELO Núñez"  -- therefore, has not only a historical dimension, but corresponds to a far-sighted philosophy, has remained surprisingly up to date and fits especially in these modern times!

(C) gymmedia / E. Herholz nach Informationen des
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