29. November 2019  
Gran Canaria  

Workshops - the special "BLUME Academie of Gymnastics"

Particularly appreciated by the participants in the prime of life are always the hands-on offers for active holidays.
Therefore the BLUME Festival Gran Canaria offers attractive workshops each year with interesting and varied events, partly also unusual offers. This content is conveyed by experienced lecturers and professional teachers from different sources, also from changing countries. This year there were a total of 16 teachers from Denmark, Colombia, Sweden, Germany and Spain. In their home countries they mostly are working full-time in various industries or lead professional movement studios, for example, the native Colombian Angela Dietrich-Orozco (photo, left), living now in Germany. At the end of their BLUME campaign this year, they have traditionally come together in a sociable and funny round ...:

Social final round of the 16 BLUME lecturers from 5 countries under the direction of Traude KERR (GER; in the picture on the right side )

  Laura from Andalusia enthused with her flamenco lessons

The flamenco specialist Laura CLAROS also conveyed the highest level of competence with her Andalusian temperament. Where and when does one have the opportunity to be guided by such 'authorized movement pedagogues as an enthusiastic recreational sportsman, who also likes to be confronted with new movement experiences ...?!
At home in everyday life you have to opt for time-consuming and costly courses - this unique BLUME festival offers attractive opportunities that are often used by the participants.

Zumba lecturer Angela Dietrich-Orozco (left) and instructor Laura CLAROS (ESP, 2nd from left) at the flamenco workshop

  Not all workshop variants have been presented so long, such as chair gymnastics, the Zumba course, gymnastics with everyday objects, yoga and much more - all sweaty and adapted by the experienced editors to the age structure and movement experience of the students and participants!
If you do not believe it, then plan on planning your active holiday together with the BLUME Festival Family!
Most come back every year!

And last but not least:
... for the first time this year there was also a Spanish language course ...:

... which was headed by Anja MIESNER (- in the photo right, outside)
- for a decade already as a staff of the OC BLUME  - with their profound knowledge of the language and in an inimitable and impressive way, conveyed that you can get along well with everyday language on the holiday island.