27. November 2022  
Las Palmas, ESP  

8th International BLUME Tournament Rhythmic Gymnastics 2022

It is now the VIII. International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament within the framework of the BLUME Festival, in a country where the soul of rhythmic gymnastics seems to be beating, which can be felt more in the enthusiasm of the participants and in the stands than anywhere else!
And it was the youngest, an eight-year-old from war-torn Kiev, who managed to leave the strongest sporting and emotional impression on her first ever trip abroad!
<< Maria KHARTCHENKO, was quite impressed after a long journey, had climbed out of a plane quite tired for the first time in her young life, and immediately conquered the hearts of everyone in the sports hall "Jesus TELO" of the island's capital Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with her performance ...:.

To the very first time this RG Tournament took place in the in Las Palmas, named in memory of the founder of the BLUME Festival, , SeniorJesús Telo Núñez, who died 14 years ago.

In addition to Marie Kharchenko, other Ukrainian talents have found a temporary home in Halle at SKC TaBeA; all of them, as well as their new German teammates, have just rehearsed their new choreographies, which they can test here at an international tournament with guests from Denmark and Italy.
All these choreographies come from the mind and pen of the former national team captain, Laure MARX, who has meanwhile matured into a professional coach at the side of her mother boss Claudia MARX. "... she already makes up a large part of the soul of our sport-and-culture club"! - says her mother appreciatively:

* Coach Laure MARX correcting the posture of Yelizaveta HLADCHENKO,
who was here in Las Palmas winner with the ball (23,20) in front of her TaBeA Club-mate and Ukrainian guests - Diana LESHCHINSKAJA (21.30) und Alisa YEFIMENKO (18,80).