01. December 2022  
Santa Brigida, Gran Canaria  

BLUME-Gala 2022 in Santa Brigida

And yet the small, picturesque mountain village of Santa Brigida on Gran Canaria is only one of the centres in which the BLUME festival idea lives throughout the year. But in order to create and experience the festive gala as a highlight, permanent work and structures are necessary on site, from which living enthusiasm can grow. This happens exemplarily in the "Club Deportivo "ELEGANCE" Villa Santa Brigida, where there is hardly a girl who is not inspired by aesthetic rhythmic gymnastics at pre-school age or at least during her school years...:


And then there were the big sho performances in the mountain village of Santa Brigida itself - one of the event venues, as well as also in the capital Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Maspalomas, Telde, Arucas, Agüimes, Mogán and Ingenio.
Of course, the girls of the local groups from the "Elegance" club here in Santa Brigida were particularly cheered.

... the big and experienced competitors as well as the small, enthusiastic newcomers.

... and it is the system of cooperation of the sport, the gymnastics centre with the municipal or village administrations and their targeted support that leads to lifelong effective emotions, attitudes to life and to the enrichment of everyday life.

Fabiola RODRIGUEZ CERPA  (on the photo, right), the dedicated creator of rhythmic gymnastics on Gran Canaria and president of the gymnastics club "ELEGANCE", enjoys the active and reliable support of Mayor Miguel Jorge and Councillor for Sport Armando Umpiérrez as well as the entire administration of Santa Brigida.
The BLUME organisers also showed their appreciation for this year-round local work by sending international groups to make this year's gala an absolute and celebrated highlight:
The ensemble members of the German performance club "SKC TaBeA Halle" were just as enthusiastic ...

... ... as well as the elegant ribbon exercise of the "rustic performances"
of the Finnish men's troupe "Lost Boys" ...:

... or the impressive static masterpieces of the special "British gymnastic architecture"
of the pyramid builders from the Kingston Vale Display Team, who installed their structure with no less than 7 (!) floors ...!

And yet this BLUME Gala in the mountain village of Santa Brigida was just one of the many colourful highlights of the 60th BLUME FESTIVAL Gran Canaria 2022.
* Report: GYMmedia / E. Herholz
* Fotos: Achim Schäfer