03. December 2022  
Las Palmas, ESP  

Great Success of the 60th BLUME Anniversary Festival in Gran Canaria

It was more than a stone of relief that fell from the souls of the Canarian festival organisers after the complicated times of the pandemic restrictions, "although we had more than wished for it in our secret dreams" ... summed up the chief organiser of the 60th BLUME Festival Gran Canaria, Jesus TELO RODRIGUEZ, relieved:
"Because indeed, for our 60th Festival anniversary, the significant number of about 400 gymnastics friends from 9 nations travelled to Gran Canaria! Who would have thought that at the beginning of the year ...? It was with a big heart that we wanted to regain our traditional normality, meet our gymnastics friends and enjoy the diversity of our sport.

The International BLUME-FESTIVAL - a very proud Tradition of Canarian Sports!

... by the guests' gratitude articulated there and the unique and lasting support of the Canary Islands Government, whose representative Maria de los Angeles Ramos Guillen particularly highlighted the historic lifetime achievement of the Canary Islands Gymnastics Family TELO.
<< Photo, left.
For the appreciation of defacto six uninterrupted festival decades refers to the emergence of a unique and annual winter festival in the European sports and cultural calendar, which offers guests and outdoor actors unique stages, action areas with high tourist quality.
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