21. November 2022  
Gran Canaria  

Welcome to the 60th Festival BLUME GRAN CANRIA 2022

Since the last BLUME Festival Gran Canaria, the Covid 19 pandemic had forced a break, which we had bridged with a small interlude in 2021.
Now, however, the 60th Fesival BLUME Gran Canaria 2022 is to take place from 25 November to 01 December, dedicated to the memory of Joaquin BLUME, the four-time Spanish European gymnastics champion with German roots  who died in a plane crash six decades ago..
BLUME chief organiser Jesus TELO RODRIGUEZ is delighted about the unexpected reception after complicated pandemic times, as more than 22 foreign delegations and more than 350 gymnasts from 9 countries are expected on the legendary "island of eternal spring".
This more than exceeds the expectations of the Canarian organisers and shows the unbroken attraction of this unique festival for the many loyal visitors and the young newcomers worldwide.