29. November 2022  
Cran Canaria, ESP  

Workshops - the lifeblood of the BLUME Festival

... some also say "the salt of the festival soup", prepared from decades of experience of the BLUME tradition and supervised by experts from several nations, some of whom are teachers with doctorates, who bring their experience from their countries to pass on to the movement-hungry festival participants.
The palette ranges from greeting the sun in the morning on the beach of Playa del Ingles with Qi Gong or Tai Chi Chuan under the motto "Fit in the morning" to movement-intensive dance courses under the motto "Dance - laugh - breathe", "Latino Dance" or Flamenco" and many, many more thematic movement courses or social games such as Petanca or Boule on the beach or hikes in the beautiful nature of the volcanic island of Gran Canaria ...

These are (almost) all active, movement-hungry participants of the daily age- and life-appropriate BLUME workshops who prefer to meaningfully complement their beach and pool experiences with active, joyful movement - guided by professional instructors and lecturers from different countries - from "A", like Aqua-Gymnastics to "Z", like Zumba.
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Qi Gong (Chi Gong) means working on "Qi" - the energy of life - and is one of the four major branches of TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine.
In China, it has been used for thousands of years to activate life energy and thus to maintain health and self-healing.

For many years, Qi Gong has also been a part of the BLUME-Worshops. Most recently, the German couple Emmi and Otto Fischer from Lower Saxonia / Germany rendered their services as professional teachers.
Now a qualified teacher - also from Lower Saxony (Germany) is also on their trail here at the festival:
Ulrike Stähr (photo, right >), a trained sports and fitness merchant, who uses her special knowledge at home in a physiotherapy centre, which she acquired through additional training in the German Association for Tai Chi, and which is now gladly accepted by the course participants at the BLUME Festival.