27. November 2009
London, Great Britain

The first World Championships of the new Olypic cycle...
A good five weeks after the highlight of the year of world gymnastics, the GYMNASTICS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS  in London, the GYMmedia-correspondent and many year artistic gymnast in Germany and Switzerland, Dieter HOFMANN, summarizes this highlight of the post Olympic year with a reflection:
London proved not only to be a good World Championship host, but created enthusiasm about the Olympic gymastics championships in the same place in three years time!"

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20. October 2009


GYMmedia International
presents some of the world wide press reactions
before and at run times of these 2009 artistic gymnastics world championships,
which took place from October 13  to  October 18
in the O2 Arena of London

+ based on the F.I.G. press review  and more ...

18. October 2009
London, Great Britain

Gold goes to the favorite, beginners and hosts
The uneven bars Olympic winner from Peking, China HE Kexin could not to be beaten on the first day of the apparatus finals in London and won the title, before the surprise gymnast of this World Championship, Koko TSURUMI, who after all-around Bronze now,  won a World Championship Silver, for the first time after 43 years, for Japan. Bronze went to Rebecca BROSS (USA) and Ana PORGRAS from Romania. Before, the vault European Champion Ariella KAESLIN had won the first ever Swiss World Championship medal in womens gymnastics with Silver and only got beaten by the US beginner Kyla WILLIAMS.

The last final day brought the second Chinese victory by letzte DENG, Linlin (Balken) and the cheered on first British World Championship Gold on the floor by the current European Champion  Beth TWEDDLE...

18. October 2009
London, Great Britain

The three time Romanian floor world champion Marian DRAGULESCU is the first gymnast in history to achieve his fourth world championship title on the floor and vault and so advanced to become the most sucsessful gymnast of this world championship, rehabilitated himself for the failure experienced at the Olympic games and even beat the Olympic champion ZOU Kai on the floor .

All other wins in the mens went to four different Chinese gymnasts. On the pommelhorse as expected to  ZHANG Hongtao, who beat European champion Krisztian BERKI, on the rings to  YAN, Mingyong before oldie Jordan JOWTSCHEW (BUL), on the parallel bars to  WANG, Guanyin and on the highbar to the Olympic winner ZOU, Kai, with sensational difficulty (!) before the also high class Dutch gymnast Epke ZONDERLAND ...

16. October 2009
London, Great Britain

*fig-press: -- Longines, official timekeeper and data handler at the 41st Artistic Gymnastics World Championships 2009 in London, is pleased to announce that the Longines Prize for Elegance has been given to the female gymnast Elsa Garcia from Mexico and the male gymnast Daniel Keatings from Great Britain.
This award decorates the athletes having demonstrated the most remarkable elegance in the course of an international competition at world level.
Longines was also proud to present its new Ambassador of Elegance Ariella Kaeslin (SUI), the European vault Champion as well as all-around bronze medallist.

16. October 2009
London, Great Britain

For the second time in history after 2005, has there been a US-American dual success in the all-around decision of a gymnastics world championship.
After a dramatic fall by Rebecca BROSS (57,775)  who was the best of the qualification until the last acrobatic floor series, her Olympics colleague from 2008 and countrywoman, Bridget SLOAN (57,825) pulled past her and won the Gold medal with 57,825 points - silver for Bross.
The surprise of the daz was also the first all-around medal for the Japanese womens gymnastics by Koko TSURUMI, who with 57,175 achieved an impressively stable four-round. Chinese, Romanians and also Russians were not in near any medals due to too many instabilities.
On the other hand Ariella KEASLIN from Switzerland faught her way to a proud eighth place under the top ten of the world.

15. October 2009
London, Great Britain

After the gymnastics giants of the 70's Eizo Kenmotzu (1970, Lubljana), Shigeru Kasamatsu (1974, Warna) and after Hiroyuki Tomita recently in 2005 in Melbourne, the 22 year old Kohei UCHIMURA proves himself the fourth Japanese to seize the world championship gymnastics crown and stand as the best all-around artist.
With a start-goal win and without too much competition he put the young Brit ish European vice-champion Daniel KEATINGS with a good 2,5 points advantage onto place two, who achieved the first all-around medal at a world championship for Great Britain, amidst the full applause of London's O2 Arena. The Bronze went to the third of the European Championship, to Juri RYASANOV from Russia, who managed to overtake the second Japanese, Kazuhito TANAKA to the place of honour with a tenth point advantage.