03. June 2018  
FIG Circuit 2018  
Artistic Gymnastics

2018 FIG WORLD Challenge Cups, All

After Challenge Cup No. 2 (Baku/AZE) followes No 3 (Doha (QAT) and at the end of May No. 4 (Osijek; CRO) and No. 5 in Koper (SLO)

For "Members of the GYMfamily" and all its readers and users worldwide, the European Gymnastics Service "GYMmedia INTERNATIONAL" offers a special World Cup Summary of the entire season of all the 2018 Artistic Gymnastics Challenge Cups ...:
- from the 1st World Cup in Melbourne (Feb 2018) on up to the 10th Challenge Cup in November in Cottbus) ...
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2018 - MAY 31- JUNE 03:
♦♦  5th Indiv. World Cup, "Koper" (SLO)

At the fifth so-called "14th WORLD CHALLENGE CUP" of the 2018 season in Koper, Slovenia, which is all about the wins on the individual apparatus, all male winners came from from Asia: Four Japanese wins were achieved by Takumi SATO (bottom), Kohei KAMEYAMA ( Horse), Kazuyuki TAKEDA (rings) and Takaki SUGINO (horizontal bar). Two successes went to the account of the emerging gymnastics nation Vietnam, by LE, Thanh Tung (vault) and DINH, Phuong Thanh (parallel bars). Two third places were won by the Swiss Benjamin Gischard (ground, jump). Unfortunately Moreno Knatter and Oliver Hegi messed up their final finals after promising performances in the preliminary ...

On the other hand, Giulia STEINGRUBER (valt, floor exerc.) landed a Swiss double, as the second only being beaten by Celine van GERNER (NED) on the beam and also the bar final (5th). Barbora MOKOSOVA from Slovakia was the best at this device ...

* R E S U L T S, ALL:
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2018-MAR 21-24:
♦♦  3rd Indiv. World Challenge Cup, "Doha" (QAT);              
       * Participants: >> Women (59);    >> M e n (100)

♦  R E S U L T S  - Update complete, Saturday, March 24 :
Qualification (MAR 21/22) & APPA. FINALS (MAR 23/24)


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