27. May 2022  
Baku, AZE  
Artistic Gymnastics

The FIG Apparatus and World Challenge Cups 2022

After the fourth FIG Apparatus World Cup of the FIG Spring Series (March 31 to April 04), the "AGF Trophy" in Baku, the 2022 circuit will now be continued with six more so-called World Challenge Cups ( ... what makes the difference ...??) over the course of the year (→ Varna, Osijek, Koper, Paris, Szombathely, Mersin).
The results of the best 3 of 4 this row of four Apparatus World Cups should then be summarized selectively.
It is the first year that the FIG has completely dispensed with high-quality all-around competitions in its World Cup series!
The highlight of this year 2022 will be the 51st Artistic Gymnastics World Championships in autumn (October 29 - November 06) in Liverpool.

... f o l l o w i n g  6 more World Challenge Cup Events 2022: