12. October 2014  
Nanning, China  
WCh / WM 2014

WCh 2014: MEN's Apparatus Finals - Gold medals went to seven different Nations

♦  At the end of these 45th MEN's World Championships of Artistic Gymnastics in Nanning, the gold medals went to 7 different nations. Only host China got two: After winning the team final, the debutant LIU, Yang beat the titleholder from 2013 Antwerp, the Brazilian Arthur NABARRETE ZANETTI. Athletes from altogether 8 more countries were standing on the medal podium in the venue of Nanning. In the Medal sheet China leads with two gold and one broze, but main opponent Japan, winning team silver and all-around gold by Kohei UCHIMURA, collected the most medals on men's side: 1 gold, three silver and two bronze, altogether 6 medals, while Japanese women were unsuccessful.

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    POMMEL HORSE(... the Finalists : Keatings (GBR) Naddour (USA) Tommasone (FRA) Ude (CRO) Likhovitskiy (BLR) Seligmann (CRO) Berki (HUN) Bertoncelj (SLO)

* Keatings GBR - scissor to handstand, one pommel sequence, up to handstand down to flairs, Russians in the middle feet apart to save a fall, spindle, Wu, to Russians at the end, Magayr, Sivado, handstand 360 piro dismount ---
* Naddour - USA -  scissor to handstand, one pommel sequence, to Russian, spindle, Wu, feet apart, travel across a little messy again, Sivado, 360 piro dismount - cleaner than Keatings ---
* Tommasone - FRA - handstand down to scissors, twice up to handstand down to scissor, one pommel sequence, Russian across to Russian at the end, handstand 360 piro with a little hesitation during the pirouetting - cleanest set so far ---
* Ude - CRO - scissors sequence, up to handstand pro to flairs, spindle, triple Russian in the middle between the pommels, travel across to Wu, Magyar to Sivado to handstand single pirouette! amazing amplitude on the last routine. 6.7/15.783! ---
* Likhovitsky - BLR - long one pommel sequence, spindle, Tong Fei, Wu, Magyar to Sivado, one pommel sequence to a single pirouette dismount! ---
* Seligman - CRO - scissors, spindle, spindle at the end, one pommel sequence, Wu to Russians at the end, Magyar to Sivado to Russians at the end dismount - amazing amplitude as well! Croatia really knows how to train PH!---
* Berki - HUN - two scissor to handstand in a row, huge amplitude, long one pommel sequence, Russians between the pommels to Wu, spindle, Magyar, Sivado, to 540 pirouette dismount ---
* Bertoncelj - SLO - Kehr, one pommel Russians, spindle, Wu with the pommels, spindle again, Sivado, one pommel sequence to a dismount little hesitation on the press up ---
** Krisztian Berki regains his pommel horse title he won in 2010 and 2011!

1. BERKI, Krisztian (HUN) – 16,033 (7,0)
2. UDE, Filip (CRO) – 15,783 (6,7)
3. TOMMASONE, Cyril(FRA) – 15,600 (6,9)

4. Bertoncelj, Saso(SLO) - 15,533 (6,7)
5. Seligmann, Robert (CRO) – 15,400 (6,4)
6. Naddour, Alexander (USA) – 15,300 (6,8)
7. Likhovitskyi, Andrey(BLR) – 15,200 (6,5)
8. Keatings, Daniel (GBR) – 15,133 (7,1)
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* GYM v i d e o --:  MEN's FINAL POMMEL HORSE (Summary, Chin. Gymn. Fed.)


  P A R A L L E L  B A R S
* Finalists: Kuksenkov (RUS) Deng (CHN) Kato (JPN) Verniaiev (UKR) Tanaka (JPN) Cheng (CHN) Leyva (USA) Whittenburg (USA).

* Kuksenkov (RUS) - ... front to support, Healy, peach half, peach, giant Diamidov short then steps, tried to save it with bail kip but hit his feet on the ground, front 1 1/4, back toss out, straddle press one bar, Stutz, double front half short and put his hands down - 13.666.
* Deng (CHN) - ... piked Dimitrenko, double piked bwn the bars, peach, peach half, giant double pike, front 1 1/4, Bhavsar a little low and his legs brushed the bars, Tipelt, Healy, double pike stuck - (7.1) =15.633;
* Kato (JPN) - ... front to support, peach half, peach, giant double pike, Tippelt, double tuck bwn the bars, Healy, giant Suarez, front 1 1/4, double pike stuck - (6.7) =15.666 (3.);
* Vernyayev (UKR) - ...  front to support, peach half, peach one bar to Healy from one bar, peach, Moy, Tippelt, Healy, back toss out back in, double front half out stuck!! So light and clean---(6.9) =16.125;
* GYM vi d e o --:  Oleg VERNIAEV (UKR) - World Champion!

* Tanaka (JPN) - ... front to support, Makutz,Healy, peach half, peach one bar, big arch and step, peach, Stutz, back toss out, piked press one bar, double pike step back
* Cheng (CHN) -  ... front to support, double pike bwn the bars, peach one bar muscled, peach half, peach, giant double tuck, giant Suarez, Healy, front 1 1/4, double pike with several steps back to save a fall
* Leyva (USA) - ... peach, peach Diamidov, peach one bar, peach full, giant Diamidov full, giant Diamidov, giant, uprise Suarez little low, Stutz, double front stuck - very clean routine - = 15.933 (2.);
* Whittenburg (USA)  -  ... front to support, peach half stop on one bar and muscled, peach one bar not held, peach, Dimitrenko, Moy to front 1 1/4, uprise Suarez, giant Suarez, double front half out with a big hop backwards on the landing - (6.1) =14.366.

* Quick results - Parallel bars
  1. Verniaiev (UKR) - 16,125 (6,9)
  2. Leyva (USA) - 15,933 (6,9)
  3. Kato (JPN) - 15,666 (6,7)

4. Deng (CHN) - 15,633 (7,1)
5. Tanaka (JPN) - 15,041 (6,2)
6. Cheng (CHN) - 14,866 (6,8)
7. Whittenburg (USA) - 14,366 (6,1)
8. Kuksenkov (RUS) - 13,666 (6,5)
      Detailed results