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To the first time: B-Final 
Like the men’s competition, the women’s AA is split into two groups. The gymnasts who qualified in places 17-32 compete in the first group. In this group, the top qualifier was Oksana Chusovitina (UZB) followed by Birgit Schweigert (GER) and Marta Cusido (ESP).

Rotation 1:

Oksana Chusovitina (UZB) starts on vault after a long wait for the green light and takes a step to the right on her handspring full-twisting fron layout and adds a handspring rudi for the second.

Tatiana Yarosh (UKR) is confident on floor with a nailed Arabian double front mount.

Loudly supported by the numerous Dutch fans in the audience, Rikst Valentijn (NED) wobbles on a full turn and takes a step on her double tuck dismount on beam for a 8,475 (9,4 SV).

Oksana Chusovitina (UZB) 

Birgit Schweigert (GER) moves into second with a 9,049 average on her two vaults (handspring – front pike ½ and handspring-front pike).

Marta Cusido (ESP) comes close with a 9,043 on vault.

Olga Roshchupkina (UKR) hits her beam routine well for a 9,075, currently second place.

Jarneky de la Pena (CUB) has some wobbles in her beam routine, but sticks a double front dismount.

Kate Richardson (CAN) takes fourth place in the standings with two good vaults (full-twisting Yurchenko; handspring-front pike ½) that average 8,968.  

German information:
Birgit Schweigert springt im ersten Sprung Überschlagsalto gebückt, halbe Drehung (Ausgangswert 9,60), im zweiten Überschlagsalto gebückt (AW 9,40) - zu wenig Schwierigkeitsgehalt, um weiter vorn mitzuturnen...
Current standings:    
1. Chusovitina UZB 9,362 2. Roschupkina UKR 9,075 3. Schweigert GER 9,049

Rotation 2:

Elena Gomez (ESP) shows nice leaps and a crisp 2 ½ twist dismount on beam for a 8,837.

Rikst Valentijn (NED) performs well to her catchy tango music on floor, but a SV of 9,3 keeps her at 8,662. 

Jaqui Dunn (AUS) - 29th place at the end

Olga Roshchupkina (UKR) drops due to her below par tumbling on floor (double tuck dismount).

Marta Cusido (ESP) does well on bars for 8,837 and the current lead.

Birgit Schweigert (GER) lands her double front dismount on bars without problems despite competing on an injured knee.

Oksana Chusovitina (UZB) has a disaster on her bars routine with breaks and extra swings. She leaves out her Gienger as well. Result: 8,237 (SV 9,0).

Alyona Kvasha (UKR) takes second place after two rotations and some difficult tumbling on floor: piked full-in, double front.  

German information:
Birgit Schweigert turnt konzentriert und bringt ihren Doppelsalto vom Stufenbarren sicher in den Stand, unabhängig von ihren Knieproblemen
Current standings:   7.Schweigert GER 17,586
1. Cusido ESP 17,880 2. Kvasha UKR 17,837 3. Regease FRA 17,812
Rotation 3:

Marta Cusido (ESP) keeps herself in the running with a 8,925 on beam (ff-whip)  (photo, right >>)

Delphine Regease (FRA) scores 8,312 for a bar routine that includes a Jaeger and a dismount of double front with a ½ turn.

Alyona Kvasha (UKR) takes a few steps on her Phelps.

Oksana Chusovitina (UZB) conitnues her nightmare on beam with a series of wobbles and breaks – 8,387 (9,10 SV).

Elena Gomez (ESP) >>
 moves up the rankings with a great floor routine ( full-in; 2 ½ twist punch front full). 9,20

Birgit Schweigert (GER) starts well on beam with a great front pike mount but has a big wobble on her series of ff-layout: 8,587.  

German information:
Birgit Schweigert hat einen "Beinahe"-Abgang am Balken, turnt dann aber unbeirrt weiter und bringt ihren eineinhalb-Schrauben-Abgang in den sicheren Stand 
Current standings: 7. Schweigert GER 26,173
1. Cusido ESP 26,805 2. Kvasha UKR 26,649 3. Murdock GBR 26,624
Rotation 4:

Marta Cusido (ESP) - best gymnast of the b-group and 12th place at the end

Oksana Chusovitina (UZB) finally finds back to her old form on floor with a super tumbling display (full-twisting double layout to open) and waves to the cheering crowd as she finishes with a 9,037.

Kate Richardson (CAN) goes into an early lead despite stepping out of bounds on her Arabian double front and a crooked 2 ½ twist.

 Alyona Kvasha (UKR) has to take a few extra swings after her Jaeger – 8,312.

Oksana Chusovitina on floor - ten years (!) after her big success in Indianapolis: As a 15years old girl she won there the gold medal in the Hoosher Dome.

Birgit Schweigert (GER) competed has no big breaks on floor – 8,462 (9,10 SV).

Holly Murdock (GBR) puts in two good vaults to take second place in this subdivision .

Marta Cusido (ESP) ist somewhat uninspired on floor, but does enough to keep the lead.

German information:
Birgit Schweigert
bringt ihren Wettkampf mit dem Boden weitgehend fehlerfrei zu Ende - jedoch mit 8,462 Punkten ist nicht viel zu gewinnen - sie fällt auf den insgesamt 11. Rang dieser B-Gruppe zurück 
Current standings: 11. Schweigert GER 34,635
1. Cusido ESP 35,917 2. Murdock GBR 35,542 3. Richardson CAN 35,292

(Report:  Nora Schuler, 
Translations: Reinhard Linder;
Photos by Don Johnson/USA
Web editors: Eckhard Herholz/Sonja SchmeisserGermany)

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